What is Catwalk?
Catwalk is an annual, global, up-to-7km outdoor walk, designed to raise awareness about our interconnected wellbeing by highlighting the plight of the 7 Big Cats.
When/where is Catwalk 2024 happening?
It is taking place on Saturday 10th February 2024.
To Catwalk all you need to do is register and then walk, wherever you are in the world.
You can also join an organised walk in certain locations or organise your own walk.
How do I Catwalk?
Fun, flexible and inclusive, Catwalk is open to everyone and can be achieved in the way that best suits you.
You can either:
Walk up to 7 Kilometers, and dedicate your walk to your favorite Big Cat. Walk 700 meters. This shorter distance designed for families, children, others. (Children who Catwalk are called Catwalk Cubs).
I’d love to run or jog my Catwalk, will that be OK?
Yes, you can achieve your distance however you like. We recommend walking or running but you can hop, skip, jump, bike ride, wheel… however you like!
What if I can’t be outdoors, can I walk or run the 7km indoors?
We encourage outdoor participation but if not then indoors is fine.
What is Catwalk’s aim?
By focusing on how self-care and caring for nature are intrinsically linked, Catwalk strives to demonstrate that all our wellbeing is interconnected.
What’s the link between the wellbeing of Big Cats and humanity?
We are all dependent upon our environments, and how we make use of them, for our wellbeing. It is essential that we take an active role in creating healthy environments on both a local and global scale.
How does a healthy environment connect to a healthy person?
A healthy environment is crucial to health. According to the World Health Organization, 24% of all global human deaths are attributable to environmental factors, while a quarter of the world’s population are at health risks from not doing sufficient exercise in our increasingly sedentary society.
How does a healthy environment connect to Big Cats?
Big Cats are even more dependent on their environments. They are all threatened by habitat loss, and the Tiger, Lion, Leopard and Cheetah have disappeared from between 65% and 96% of their historic range (source:
How does Catwalk connect to these ideas?
The Catwalk invites participants to get active in nature so as to underline the critical need that Big Cats have for their natural habitats, while simultaneously triggering appreciation of the physical and mental benefits of doing sports outside.

sources:*WHO on environmental factors: +WHO on physical activity: +**Panthera on Big Cats and habitat loss:
I understand that when I register for Catwalk, I will dedicate my Catwalk to my favorite Big Cat. This will be my crew. So how can I learn more about the Big Cats?
Follow @catmospherenow on social media and sign up to our mailing list where we will be sharing lots of news about the 7 Big Cats so that when you Register for the Catwalk you can select which Crew best suits you.
You can also read more about the 7 Big Cats here on the Catmosphere website.
Is there a winner's prize?
Not in the traditional sense. In the first two years of Catwalk more people dedicated their Catwalk to the leopard, so we considered that the ‘leading Big Cat’. We don’t know which Big Cat will take that title each year, and will only know at the end of Catwalk which Big Cat had the most dedications.
Rather than a traditional winner or prize, we think that the more people who take part in Catwalk, and learn about the beautiful Big Cats, and start to appreciate them and their environments, so we will all be winners. We think that it’s the participants, and their neighborhoods, and nations who are the winners.
Catwalk participation itself demonstrates interest and learning and personal commitment, and this is what it will take on a personal level to make a difference globally.
Can I donate to the cause?
Catmosphere and Catwalk are not seeking participation donations. If you would like to make a donation, please donate directly via Panthera’s dedicated page:
Is there a cost to participate in Catwalk?
No. Catwalk is a free event for everyone. Simply go out there and have fun being active! If you would like to donate to Big Cat Conservation, please do so directly to Panthera at